Pace Precision Components Pte Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company specialising in manufacturing of miniature precise castings in zinc alloy.

We design and produce our own multi-slide complex tooling for parts with consistent zero defect quality. We hold tolerances of 0.03mm (in some cases 0.01mm). Almost all secondary operations are eliminated and no limit to how small parts can be. Our motto is "If you can see it we can make it." We also offer Value Analysis to save costs. Some of our principal industries we serve are - Electronics, automotive, locks, fishing tackle, meters, telephones, bicycles, construction, micro motors and cosmetics. Our company recognises the value of customer satisfaction in ensuring an assured level of quality and cost saving.

Equipment :
  Tool making : Milling - Lagun  
    Surface Grinding  
    EDM - Charmille  
    Profile projector - ST Technologies USA  
    Measuring instruments  
  Production : "Multi-slide" diecasting machines with computer controlled parameter system.
      Shot Weight
    Techmire 22NT 78 gr.
    Techmire 44NT 206 gr.
    Vibratory finishing machine :  
    Spin dryer :  
Experience in multi-slide diecasting :
  Designation No. Years
  Managing Director 1 42
  Manufacturing Director 1 32
  Production Manager 1 31
  Technicians 3 6
  Total years of experience    
Available services :
  Redesign of parts to make them more cost effective.
  Value analysis seminars at customers's premises.
  Tool design with 42 years experience.
  Tool making and sampling getting it right first time.
  If you can see it, We can make it.
  ISO 9001:2008
PACE PRECISION COMPONENTS PTE. LTD. provides design and manufacturing of miniature precise components (for locks, potentiometers, bicycle speed changers, gears, etc..)

PACE PRECISION COMPONENTS PTE. LTD. recognizes the value of customer satisfaction in a competitive world and major contribution is made by the supply of products to an assured level of quality.

To achieve this objective, top management of PACE PRECISION COMPONENTS has committed itself to a quality assurance system based on the requirement of IS0 9001:2008.

All employees are responsible for the quality of our products. Adherence to company procedures/processes will ensure that quality goals are met and should problems arise, they are resolved in a manner that will prevent reoccurrence.

The procedures/processes used in the company's quality management system will be kept continually under review and techniques improved whenever and wherever necessary.

Our company will adopt a philosophy of continual improvement so that the quality management system will be constantly evolving and reviewed and is relevant to the company's organisational aims and goals as well as meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

The attainment of these quality goals requires strong and responsive management and a united commitment from all staff. The outcome will be a respected reputation for the quality of our products and a rewarding place to work.

Communication and understanding the company policy will be achieved through orientation training programs.

Parts are checked to within 10 microns to ensure
During production there is spot check by the tooling & QA specialist to ensure the quality is up to standard.
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